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Monday, Feb. 1



Opening Remarks

Stefan Hulfeld (Vice Dean of the Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies)

Evelien Keizer (Head of the English and American Studies Department)

Annegret Pelz (Research Platform "Mobile Cultures and Societies")

Alexandra Ganser (FWF-Project "American Narratives of Piracy")


Opening Keynote Lecture
Gesa Mackenthun (University of Rostock)

"Storied Waves: Planetary Passages and Maritime Memories" 

11:30-12:00Coffee Break


Panel I: Maritime Mobilities of Conquest
Chair: Dieter Fuchs

Edvige Pucciarelli (University of Bergamo)
"John Fletcher's The Island Princess (1619) and the Beginnings of Jacobean Maritime Imperialism".

Jens Temmen (University of Potsdam)
"From HI-SEAS to Outer Space: 'Hawaii as Mars' and the U.S. Legal Discourse of Hawaiian Annexation"

Björn Siegel (Institute for the History of the German Jews, Hamburg)
"The Jewish 'Conquest of the Sea': Zionist Visions of a New Era of Maritime Mobility"

13:30-15:30 Lunch


Panel II: Mass (Im)Mobilities
Chair: Michela Borzaga

Slavica Troskot
(University of Zadar) CANCELLED
"The Pacific in the Prose Writing of James A. Michener - Between Hegemony and Universal Bodily Experience"

Kylie Crane (Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz)
"Plastic Pacific: Moving (the) Masses"

Nicole Poppenhagen
(University of Flensburg) CANCELLED
"'Ocean People': Pacific (Im)Mobilities in the Chinese American Imaginary"

Ranthild Salzer (University of Vienna)
"Drawing Mobility in Crisis: Mediterranean Refugees in Joe Sacco's The Unwanted and Footnotes in Gaza"

16:30-17:00Coffee Break


Panel III: Maritime Spaces in Literary Studies
Chair: Roman Kabelik

Susanne Reichl (University of Vienna)
"Mari/time Fantasies: History and the Sea in Time Travel Fiction for Young Readers"

Wiebke Lyons
(Eberhard Karl University of Tübingen)
"Das Maritime in der skandinavischen Literatur als Mittel der Emanzipation von Geschlechterrollen"

Judith Rauscher
(University of Bamberg)
"Of Spaceships and Ocean Planets: The Ethics of Mobility in Joan Slonczewski's Pragmatic Utopias"


Poster Presentations

Susanne Zhanial (University of Vienna)
"The Swashbuckling Pirates of the Early Hollywood Era"

Petra Sapun Kurtin
(University of Rijeka and Zagreb)
"Narrating the City and Its (In)Visible Sea: New Orleans as a Mediterranean Port on the Mississippi"

Miriam Strieder
(University of Innsbruck)
"To Bridge the Gap: The Sailor as Mediator in Austen's Mansfield Park and Persuasion"

Marcel Hartwig (University of Siegen)
"Transit Cultures: Medical Discourses and Media Change in the British American Colonies, 1639-1763"

Dinner/Catering on site


Film screening: Death in a Fishing Boat
(Alptraum im Fischerboot: Afrikas Flüchtlinge und Europas Fischereipolitik, D 2007)
English version
Q&A with Klaus Martens (director)
Chair: Annegret Pelz


Tuesday, Feb. 2   



Panel IV: Ship Sites
Chair: Sandra Mayer

Thomas O. Massnick (University of Wisconsin)
"Space, Modernity, and Mobility in Melville's 'Benito Cereno' and Douglass's 'The Heroic Slave'"

Leopold Lippert (University of Salzburg)
"Rehearsing Americanness on the Atlantic: The Hallam Company and the History of Early American Theatre"

Karin Höpker
(University of Erlangen)
"Sea-faring, Whale-hunting, and Mobile Orders of Knowledge in Melville's Moby-Dick"


Coffee Break


Panel V: Precarious Passages in Literature and Culture
Chair: Alexandra Hauke

Silvia Schultermandl (University of Graz)
"Maritime Mobility and Equiano's Interesting Narrative: A Case Study in Late-Eighteenth-Century Popular Culture"

Sarah Fekadu-Uthoff
(Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich)
"Red Sea Mobilities: Reenvisioning African Identities in Tayeb Salih and Amitav Gosh"

Sarah Sander
(University of Art and Design Linz)
"Precarious Passages: Medial and Material Conditions of the Great Passage from Europe to America, around 1900"



Panel VI: (Im)Mobile Agents Overseas
Chair: Marianne Windsperger

Christian Cwik (University of the West Indies, Trinidad)
"Jewish Outlaws in the Caribbean during the 17th Century: Between Entrepreneurship and Piracy"

Judith Kestler (University of Würzburg)
"Aushandlungen maritimer (Im)Mobilität: Deutsche Handelsschiffsbesatzungen in Überseehäfen, 1939-1940"

Stefan Hübner (Bundeswehr University Munich) CANCELLED
"Mobilities of Maritime Oil: Offshore Oil-Drilling, Spatialization, and the Circulation of Experts, Technology, and Visions of Development"


Coffee Break

16:30-17:30Closing Keynote Lecture
Mimi Sheller (Drexel University)

"Capital Accumulation in the Oceanic Caribbean: Cruise Tourism and Transnational Extraction"
Pre-recorded lecture and skype Q&A

Closing Remarks 
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